Your Soul Blueprint

The Missing "User Manual" To Your Life

Life would be so much easier if we came to this world with a User Manual.”

Jeremy S. - Client

How many times have you wished you had a User Manual to yourself and your life? How much easier would it be to understand ourselves and others if we had a clear guidance to how our mind, emotions and our subconscious drives actually work?

What if the "User Manual" to Your Life actually existed today?

Vitorio’s readings are a combination of Astrology reading Gene Keys, Human Design & Shamanic view into several of your past lives. They are approx. 90 minutes long and are prepared and recorded based on the details of your birth.

My Unique Gift - Who Am I?
Your Missing "User Manual"

In your initial reading - My Unique Gift: Who Am I? - Vitorio goes in detail of examining your soul structure, with the goal of finding your “Unique Gift to The World”. He looks for the optimal use of your talents, locating your personal obstacles and focusing on reaching your highest potential in this lifetime. The idea is to make the best use of gifts and talents that the Universe has given you, while catching and overcoming your obstacles, so that manifesting your "true calling" comes naturally and effortlessly. Vitorio considers this effortlessness to be the evidence that you're living your true life's purpose, using effectively the vast leverage that Universal Forces put at your disposal. This reading includes Soul Blueprint Map - Your Missing "User Manual" - the ultimate map of inner drives that push and pull you in different directions. Once you take an active role over these inner drives, you become an effective manager of your inner world, so you can begin creating your outer world as you wish it to be.

Hero's Journey - Where Am I Going?
Your Missing "Map to Life"

In your next few readings - Hero's Journey: Where I'm Going? - Vitorio guides you through the magnificent, utterly unique journey through your life. You came to this life with a series of topics to work with and tasks to accomplish. It might seem that we have a complete freedom to do and act as we wish in life, yet we all know that certain things bring us joy and others seem like chores. The subtle guidance of inner Joy shows and confirms which life directions lead to prosperity and health, and which may be wrong choices that require too much energy, drain us and bring stagnation and stress. In this reading. In a series of 3 sessions, Vitorio will outline your Life’s Journey for you in 3 different areas:

  • Your Personal Growth
  • Love & Relationships
  • Sharing Your Gift with The World - Business of Your Uniqueness

Vitorio includes a Hero's Journey Map - Your Missing Map to Life with these readings. This map gives you a clear overview of topics and tests that help you make right choices that unlock the life of Super-Charged Performance with Effortlessness and Flow.

Live Sessions & Mentoring
Going Deeper

After you have been through your initial Readings and you worked with your inner aspects and obstacles long enough to know them well and have a good grasp over them, you may request a live session where Vitorio looks deeper into the "stubborn", life-long issues that you've been carrying around for years, unable to resolve them so far. Most commonly at your first live session Vitorio examines your life goals and asks the question: "Why aren't you there already?". That question points you in the direction of your inner blockages and beliefs and that's where the deeper work starts.

Before you can schedule a live session Vitorio will schedule a 20-min. free discovery call to determine whether you are appropriate fit for a live session with him. To qualify for a live session you must have a good grasp of your soul structure and you must be familiar with at least the basics of Energy Work and principles of Quantum Reflective Reality. If you're not there yet, Vitorio will be happy to connect you with appropriate practitioners that can introduce you to Energy Work and the principles of Reflective Reality.


Soul Alchemist

Vitorio is a modern day Alchemist and Shamanic Practitioner, with a unique gift of helping people visualize and embody their Soul's True Purpose and integrating it into the business world and everyday life.

In his “previous life” Vitorio ran several international businesses between the United States, Brazil and Europe, including Digital Animation and Real Estate Development.

After years of business and material success, Vitorio moved to Bali and committed to in-depth study of subjects that fascinated him since childhood - Astrology, Shamanism, Alchemy and Sound. He studied with various Masters around the world and eventually co-created Alchemy School in Bali with High Alchemists of the Federation of Damanhur. During this period, Vitorio developed advanced and precise tools for working with subtle energetic fields and subconscious mind.

At his sessions, Vitorio combines his experience as an entrepreneur with ancient wisdom of Astrology, Gene Keys, Shamanism and Alchemy. He reaches deeply into Universal Forces propelling your soul, in order to find your “Unique Gift to The World” and it's best exspression in the material world. His Soul & Business Blueprint System helps individuals and business leaders worldwide shifting priorities and redirecting their business to align with their Inner Purpose while maintaining top effectiveness and productivity rooted in deep inner joy.

What can I do for you?

“Until you make the unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
- Carl Jung -

My Unique Gift:
Who Am I?


  • 90-min Recorded Reading
  • Soul Blueprint Map - Your Missing "User Manual"
  • Your Soul's Mission
  • Inner Personalities - Your Inner Pushes and Pulls
  • Your Genius - Unique Gift You Bring The World
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Hero's Journey:
Where I'm Going?


  • 90-min Recorded Reading
  • Hero's Journey Map - Your Missing Map to Self-Realization
  • Journey to Your True Life Purpose
  • Obstacles, Blind Spots and Core Wounds
  • Share Your Genius with the World - The Business of Your Uniqueness
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Live Sessions & Mentoring


  • 90-min Live Session
    (In-Person, Skype or Zoom)
  • Getting to Effortless Flow - Clearing Beliefs & Addictions
  • Me & My Money - Clearing Beliefs About Money
  • Love & Relationships - Upgrade to Empowering Union
  • Activating Your True Soul's Mission
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